Hydro Jet in Pittsburgh, PA

Have you been told that your sewer line needs replaced because of roots or because of a bad section that a contractor is unable to get past with his eel? Before you dig or sign a contract please call RDN plumbing for a  2nd opinion.

We save some people thousands of dollars using a jetter to cut the roots out of your line which then can be maintained for many years. There are times that a 5'-10' repair can be made and then the rest of the sewer line can be jetted if there is spot that needs cleared. Jetting can save from replacing the entire line.

Restoring Your Plumbing System to Working Order

At RDN Plumbing, LLC, our dedicated plumbing technicians use advanced technology to blast away blockages and restore your pipes to peak  functionality. Our hydro jetting services are thorough and effective, and when you call on us, you'll get:

  • Quality service
  • Reasonable rates
  • Expert advice
  • Easy appointment scheduling

If you're facing a serious clog in your plumbing system, don’t assume that you'll need to pay for costly pipe replacement or significant repairs. Call the reliable team at RDN Plumbing, LLC and ask about hydro jetting.